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I’ve done a couple vow renewals in my day and I can honestly say that they might be more emotional than weddings the first time around. It’s a topic that’s definitely up for debate. Seeing a couple, after 35, 40 or 50 years, saying they’re going to continue to go through the good and the bad and celebrate each other for another lifetime is breathtaking. In a world like we have today, the vows made at weddings sometimes aren’t really said with 100% certainty. The rate of divorce is much higher and the willingness to give up when things look mildly bleak in a relationship is equally so.

You may be saying to yourself, “Ummmm…you’re a wedding Photographer and you’re talking about divorce?” The answer is yeah, I am. Divorce happens. It happens all the time, for justifiable and unjustifiable reasons.

Pat and David are proof that the sanctity of marriage can withstand the rough and tough aspects of life and relationships. They are proof that love surpasses the hardships and revels in the exciting happenings of a long life lived together in marriage. They are proof that with God between two people you can conquer the world hand in hand, for life. So today, they are recognized and congratulated for 35 years of a beautiful marriage and two equally beautiful children. They renewed their vows at Trinity United Methodist Church – this was a very special moment as both of their children were married there and with the same Pastor. What an awesome tradition to continue!

Just like the first time, Pat’s Father gave her away to David.


Some finger-licking after cutting the cake…

…and the glow of a beautiful bride!

Congratulations Hurrelbrink Family!

love (the proof that love can withstand time),


get down!

With Friday requiring a run-around-in-a-frenzy mentality to get everything in order to go out of town, and Monday and Tuesday chock full of recovering from an allergy attack, this post is three days late.

My bad.

The final bit of awesomeness that occurs at most weddings is the dance segment. It’s usually comprised of a variety of persons, most having consumed enough alcohol to evoke the notion that they are equipped to dance for their life ala So You Think You Can Dance. I love every second of it.

love (feeling less dead),

the under-appreciated dance moments…

It’s my opinion that the Mother/Son dance is not the popular dance to watch at a wedding. Perhaps it’s because it’s the last formal dance leading up to an open dance floor and a mass consumption of beverages. Perhaps it’s because it’s typically not as emotional…that’s usually the bride’s job to cry. Either way, it’s just as vitally important as any other moment during a wedding reception. That Momma bore that man…and she’s releasing him to the hands of someone else who will care for him for the rest of his days. As an eventual Mom, I can’t possibly imagine how emotional that moment will be for me should God grace me with a male Turner/Friend combo mix and we reach the pivotal moment when he’s taking a wife.

One of my goals this year when shooting weddings is to treat this moment like it’s the ultimate moment in the wedding. While others are transitioning into get-crazy-and-party mode, I will be there to capture the pride in a Mother’s face as she hands over her baby boy.

love (my Momma),

butterfly kisses…i loved her first…and all that razzamatazz…

It’s typically during this dance when I cry. Behind the camera I am sniffling and simultaneously trying to wipe my nose and snap a picture. I go as far as warning each bride I work with about my dilemma that, in the end, I am heavily emotional and super-sappy over the dance segments. I can’t help it…it’s just too lovely to not be emotional over.

Today I feature…the Father/Daughter dance.

Jamie danced a very special dance with her Grandfather, which I thought was a very tender alternative to the Father/Daughter dance.

love (how proud these men are of their sweet girls),

just dance…da doo doo doo just dance!

Don’t condemn my mini-tribute to Lady G aka Gaga…the chick friggin’ rocks.

Last night I was introduced to the XBox Kinnect and Dance Revolution. After many a years…Jeni got her groove back. While tearing it up on the dance floor known as “my friend Anne’s living room”, I got to thinkin’ about how I should post about wedding dancing. Ceremony’s, by far, are emotionally transparent and just…beautiful…spiritual…connective. I hold such a high regard for the sanctity of marriage and the vows being spoken. But when all is sealed with a kiss and the reception starts…my inner boogie-girl comes out and, most often, you’ll see me wiggling in a corner with my zoom lens.

I love dancing. I love dancing so much that I majored in it in college. You heard me. I majored in the #5 most useless major a person could receive. Google that shiz. Believe me, though, many of my friends are utilizing their degree well – dancing all over the world and showcasing their incredible talent. This girl? While I wanted to dance I also wanted to get married and have babies and be a mom…those two occupations don’t work well together unless I could either avoid getting round during my pregnancy or Alvin Ailey was taking a sudden interest in pregnant Modern movement.

In a nutshell, I love movement. I love dancing. I love the spirit which emits from the hearts of people as they release their energy into the night, moving to sweet beats. It makes me happy.

And so, this week I pay tribute…to dance. First up…the Bride and Groom.

love (gettin’ my groove on),

cindy ♥ dirk

I promised a wedding, so here it is! Cindy was BEYOND beautiful and Dirk was enamored with her. It’s the way it should be. Always. Forever and ever amen.

We began our day at Liberty Memorial…

Then we moved to the ceremony site at Grand Avenue Temple United Methodist Church

Wouldja look at that face…

…and that joy…

…and that “ohthankyouGodhe’sfinallyallmine” nuzzle…

…and that hug…the one that says in a tear-filled whisper, “We did it baby.”

Then there was their sweet ride…

And then…the reception space…Studio Dan Meiners.

Gorgeous decor…

…beautiful cupcakes…

…beautiful laughter…

…and true happiness…

And yes…I found love…as if I needed to show it was there any more! 

 love (beautiful Kansas City weddings),

jamie ♥ justin

I literally ran off a plane and straight to this wedding in August — I don’t know that I’ll EVER do that again! Despite my exhaustion, I couldn’t contain my excitement for this wedding. Jamie and Justin are a magnificent couple and had a beyond gorgeous wedding. A huge thanks to Amanda from Fat Monkey Snapshots for helping out – her second shooter skills were a huge help!

I’ll start off with one of my favorites from Amanda…

The gorgeous Lodge at Leawood Ironwoods was phe…nom..enal!!

A great shot by Amanda…

Rings…so much fun to shoot! While I was getting this one…

Amanda was getting this one…

Thank you Amanda for such a candid image!

I still stand by the mantra…sometimes the best images are the blurriest images…

love (gorgeous yummy fun-time weddings),