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right around the corner…

Spring. I feel it coming. While driving the other afternoon I mentioned to Jeff that I could feel people itching to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine and spring-like elements. People are itchin’ I tell ya — like a dog that can’t reach the flea.

I’m one of those people who really enjoys winter. It gives me an opportunity to do things I don’t do in the summer…like be less social…wrap up in a blanket and watch a movie…stay in my PJ’s for two days straight…lazy bear in hibernation kind of stuff…but those feelings don’t last long. Thankfully, I live in Kansas, and our true “winter” only lasts for a couple of months and we’re right back to scorching summers and heatstroke alerts.

Spring is nearing…I can smell it in the air…so I thought today a good day to reminisce on winter one last time before moving onward to the yumminess of springtime sunshine.

My personal favorite that…to me…screams “Winter in Kansas”.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

love (packing away my scarves and gloves),


the big reveal | kansas city bridal expo

Networking. It’s what breeds success in any business. As an entrepreneur – networking tends to take on a life of its own. As a Wedding Photographer – networking is amped up ten-fold with bridal expo’s.

I wasn’t a showcased Photographer at the expo – but I did have the honor of documenting the foods of Shining Stars Catering, an absolutely amazing company. Deb is sensational…the food is sensational…the prices are sensationally reasonable.

The best part of this entire experience was being able to see how other Photographers showcased their work to prospective clients. I walked away with many great tips and built one heck of an alliance with this incredible company. I’m very much looking forward to this weekend, as Deb is hosting a private tasting and I will be the sole Photographer showcasing my work. I thank God everyday for opportunities such as this!

love (networking – no matter how much work it entails),

caught up in a moment

I’d like to think of myself as attractive. I’m not nearly as conceited as I used to be – 15 additional pounds and minimal dancing these days has really curbed the feeling of cuteness I once used to bear. Jeff stands behind the notion that I’m just being too hard on myself — I stand behind the notion that I may eat one too many Oreos. No matter the notion, I have come to realize that despite my occasional real-life cuteness, the digital world does not fancy me as a model. If these images don’t make me wanna go boogie down for 16 straight hours…I don’t know what will.

I’m a ham sandwich away from a double-chin.

Two words: Armpit fat.

I must’ve consumed the final ham sandwich…neck roll!

Holy nostril flare…

Okay this one kinda indicates that I may have a toned back…if it weren’t for the jiggle in my wiggle arms taking all of the camera glory.

But…I guess…at least I look like I’m having fun!

Happy Friday, all!

love (being motivated to get my tush in shape),

all blurred up

In focus. Well composed.

Two tricks to a great photo.

What about blur? (Did ya like that? It’s like What About Bob? but I made it What About Blur? Sheer genious over here, folks.)

I often find myself looking at a blurry image and feeling the emotion oozing from the picture…but the emotion is caught behind the blur.

Take this picture of my brother and I…on a ride that took us back to our younger years of Ocean City and the boardwalk rides…cuhracking up.

Sure, if we were in focus and all else was blurred, this would have been an even better shot. It’s not perfect by any means…but look at us…look at us…that kind of image shouldn’t be thrown to the wolves just because it’s blurry.

Sometimes I get caught up in the pictures that other people take. I stare endlessly at other blogs for inspiration and movement in my heart to re-create what they do my way. In the midst of my drive towards perfection, I forget sometimes what my business is all about.

Love. All about the love.

Maybe I’m not perfect…but love IS…completely perfect…and it will seep through the ill-created shot…because nothing contains love…not even blur.

My niece hunting for Easter eggs…

Warm-ups before the big dance number…

A kiss shared in between focuses…

A mommy/daughter moment caught at sunset…

Looking back…I didn’t intend to catch these shots. Chances are, I was looking for something else and wound up with this because I wasn’t doing something right with my camera…thank goodness I wasn’t doing something right with my camera.

Happy Tuesday all!

love (enjoying grand imperfections),

photographer showcase | crystal hickey

In the photography world we make friends. Realllly goooood friends. Perhaps it’s the mutual understanding of what we attempt to capture on a day-to-day basis from behind the viewfinder…perhaps it’s the way we look at things in terms of composition and truly see life differently than others. Either way, we get each other on a whole other level. And those Photographers I circle up with – we support each other like woah.

Crystal aka Chickey is one of those Photographers I support like woah. She has an amazing blog which documents her ventures onto dirt roads with no signage or direction, and showcases her amazing landscape images she takes from them when she finds her way back home.

Chickey just published her first edition of Gravel Travels. This 37-page hardcover read will blow.your.mind. Fo reals. As a coffee table book glutton, I am certain this one will definitely stand out amongst the family albums and L.L. Bean magazines. So go buy one. For yourself. For a friend. Or for the stranger you see everyday who most certainly deserves a dose of inspirational landscaping beauty.

And while you’re at it, go show this gal some bloggy love and get to know her awesomeness.

love (chickey),

pop a u-eeeee!!!

The greatest thing about Texas? Certainly not it’s barbeque…Kansas has them beat like woah!

Access roads. Or as we Kansans prefer to call them – frontage roads.

They offer up such an impeccable opportunity to capture moments otherwise never captured had the highway been the only available place to stop. Bare, sporadic trees…abandoned vans donned in hippie love…dirt roads inevitably leading somewhere…it’s all fantastic and pertinent to the story of Texas.

love (30 minute photography stops),


Being friends with Megan for a little over two years now, I can say with certainty that she’s…well…she’s pretty amazing.  A great sense of humor and a 1000-watt smile, I just love her love for life and all things in it.

Megan, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture you at your best and in comfort.  Your style was epic (love those vibrant colors!) and your kittens were sooo nice.  Well…one of them was.  🙂

View all images of Megan (and her kittens) here.

The lighting in Megan’s living room was amazing!!


POW!!  Beautifulness!!

A little fierceness never hurt anyone.  🙂

love (hopscotch photography games),