My Favorite Places

my favorite places in the world are…

The past couple of weeks have been immaculate. Jeff and I have been partaking in completing one of my 101 in 1001 goals of watching Lost from beginning to end. A few nights a week we watch a couple of back-to-back episodes and get down with some snackage. Which brings me to this month’s favorite places…

On the couch…with Jeff…and some milk and cookie action. I can dig it. Jeff, you’re my best friend. But milk and cookies…they pull a close second. I’ll let it slide that you cheated in a mean Oreo competition last night…that’s what best friends do. Just know that, while you’re away during the day…I’m practicing.

Perhaps that’s the reason I can’t lose this last five pounds.

Happy Wednesday!

love (o-r-e-o),


my favorite places in the world

anywhere…with this tutu-wearin’, tippy-toe dancin’, loud-mouthin’ niece of mine…

Even at her worst she’s thoroughly amazing…one of these days all of us will laugh at her temper tantrums…until then…it’ll just be me doing it.

She healed me with hugs and kisses during my hardest times of 2010 – she’ll never fully understand how much of a miracle she is to me everyday – being anywhere with her makes it one of my favorite places to be…ever.

love (my favorite punky girl),

my favorites places in the world are…

With moving my business to full-time, I am so excited to incorporate “my favorite places” into my monthly round of blog posts. It’s something that forces the reminder of what it is I should be grateful for in my life…that’s definitely worth repeating.

I spent a lot of my childhood in one particular place…Cumberland, Maryland. I was the only female grandbaby for a very long time, and I admit that title had its advantages. I ran “my boys” into the ground sometimes with my dictating authority, knowing if I got any sass I could yell out “Uncle Rooooooon!” and the sass would be put to bed.

Like that.

Realistically, though, being the only female had an abundance of disadvantages. Sure, I learned how to throw a punch, belch with the best of ’em and climb a tree in five seconds flat, but I couldn’t stand up to pee (despite my many attempts at doing so – thank you Nanny for not pounding me into the floor for that one!) and I…well…I wasn’t a boy. As much as I wanted it to be so, I wasn’t always able to join in on all the activities the boys did together. But I had my special place…the place I could escape to and do my girly thing and play with my dolls and paint my nails and pretend to be a mermaid in the pool without the risk of receiving a wedgie or trying to be drowned by one of my ever-so-loving cousins or brother…

Mamaw and Pap’s house. The Friend house. Humbird Street. My home away from home.

It’s where I would ride my tricycle up and down the sidewalk for hours…where Frosty came every week and he knew that I would always debate between a chocolate cone or a chocolate cone and he would pretend to be surprised every time I made my selection…and it’s the first place I go when I get back into town…every.single.time. And just like when I was a child…I sleep next to my Mamaw…because that’s where I’m the most at ease.

love (dreary Wednesday’s that make me feel all nostalgic and junk),

my favorite places in the world are…

…outside…capturing God-created moments that are fleeting yet exquisite. Getting the phone call from my friend Annie saying, “getyourbuttdownhererightnowthere’sarainbow!” makes these moments a thousand times more meaningful. There we stood…outside in silence with only the sound of a 1/250 second shutter speed to share the joy with us of what we saw.

It wasn’t huge. It wasn’t grand. But by God, it was gorgeous…

Happy Wednesday!

love (rainbows),

my favorite places in the world are…

I saw this on a blog…I lurved it. Yeah…I didn’t love it. Lurved it.

…in pictures…

It’s where my hair meets the crease of her knee and my tears catch on her jeans when I’m having a wretched day. It’s where I lay and squirm with giggles in hopes it’ll convince her to make her world-famous PB&J sandwiches…made with love. When I’m broken – as she scoops my hair behind my ear – I can begin to heal.

Momma’s lap – one of my favorite places in the world…

love (my Momma),