tour de bbq

Ben loved snocones made out of fresh snow (avoid the yellow) and chocolate syrup. He loved Ren and Stimpy. He loved pea soup. He thought rainbows were the coolest invention by God.

He was my best friend…and he died when he was just 16. We let off rainbow balloons under a God-created rainbow the day we put him in the ground. To this day it’s the most difficult death for me to talk about…we were all just kids.

Leukemia took him. Lance Armstrong gave us the ability to honor him. Livestrong is an incredible organization, dedicated to raising funds to kick Cancer in the ass. This past Saturday I took to the streets of Kansas City and honored Ben the best way I knew how…through pictures. During the second annual Tour de BBQ, myself and three other INCREDIBLE Photographers — Jason Atherton, Dale Foshe and Geoff Poitras — documented 2,200 cyclists, biking for a cure.

It was phenomenal. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, pivotal moments are the shiz. The moments that change the course of who we are…what we’re doing…where we’re going. Events like this make doing what I do worth every single moment I’m stressed and crunched for time and complaining about the number of hours I sit in front of a computer.

The Tour de BBQ was pivotal moment #1,284 of this year. The event challenged me to step out of the box I was starting to fit into with my photography and try new ventures. It was spectacular and well worth the 6am drive into downtown Kansas City. Amped up with coffee and Redbull, I still wasn’t awake or prepared enough for the sight I saw when I hit Power & Light. The Livestrong Army of Kansas City pulled out all the stops, and cyclists were aplenty.

Included in the excitement, there was complimentary BBQ…and theeeeeennn….

Sweet nectar of the God’s — BOULEVARD WHEAT!! Followed by a live performance from Smashmouth, people were really enjoying themselves!!

And because we’re all friends now, my three new favorite KC guys:




To view all pictures of the event, go here. The funds from purchased images goes directly towards Livestrong and fighting the cure for cancer.

love (never forgetting the important things),


i’m too sexy for my camera

Back in May I had the great honor of being asked to be the exclusive Photographer for The Steichen Fashion Show at The Nelson-Atkins Museum. Edward Steichen, among many things, was a Photographer. He was said to the be the first person to ever photographic fashion in a formal studio setting. In May, five local designers were asked to showcase and detail the types of clothing found in Edwards handiwork. It was such an amazing experience and definitely a turning point for me, as I begin to start finessing my runway photography skills for the up and coming Color+Couture 2010 Fashion Show.

Happy Friday and fantastic weekend wishes to you all! See you on Monday!

love (exciting up and coming weekends),