briley | 9 months | olathe kansas child & family photographer

When I walked into their house, I was shocked over the change taken with Briley. In three months, her chunky cheeks had thinned slightly and her body was long and lean. She was crawling around like a maniac and speaking in baby tongues. Holy smokes…she’d grown up.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again – get pictures. The first year package is such a blessing to families because it documents this drastic transition of their baby. Krysti and Trevor knew these moments would be fleeting…so they signed up for a year of photographic extravaganza’s. Here we are, three months from the end of our one year journey with Briley. Not only am I honored to be their Photographer of choice, but I’m PROUD that they recognized the importance of having these images taken.

I will preface these aren’t all of the pictures. There are some absolutely heavenly images taken of Briley and her naked bum ala the Coppertone baby…they may have to wait for another time, though.

These next two are my favorite series…I can’t wait to see these two go side by side on a wall in Krysti and Trevor’s home…

These next two family shots have me all sorts of in awe of their love…

Happy Monday all!

love (first year packages),


Amber & Family | Lee’s Summit Missouri Family Photographer

You know how there are moments when you show up for a session and you see a certain something and you just know it’s going to be a great session? I walked into Amber and Derek’s house and saw the coolest pair of kid-sized Van’s ever. Right there…in front of me. I considered trying them on for a split second but curbed the urge – I had to remain professional. In the end, DC wore the shoes and sported the coolest faux-hawk I’d ever witnessed and we captured a family whose love is obvious. No queue’s were needed to ‘show me some love.” It was just there…and I’m the lucky one who was able to capture it.

First up…DC…

Next up…the lovely parents-to-be…

Amber in all of her AMAZING baby-growing glory. God, if you’re listening…can you hook this girl up with this kind of  baby-growing cuteness?

Finally…the trio (or…foursome rather) in all their amazingness…

Happy Monday everyone!

love (well-coordinated family outfits that aren’t full of white button-downs and khaki pants),

sherman family

My dear friend Sarah, who I lovingly call Shermie, needed family pictures. While her brother was in town. ASAP.

The problem? Lighting. Silly silly darkness crept up on us too quickly and we had to postpone. So we met up one week later and much earlier in the day.

Meet Sherm (bottom) and her girlfriend Mary (obviously…der…top)

They’re friggin’ cute…

…and her family!

Have I mentioned this baby is adorable?

love (up for anything families),

truex family

Alia and her family joined in on the adventures of my mini-session promotion back mid-October. We had 30 minutes and a gorgeous afternoon, so we set up shop on a median that held what seemed to be the only two leaf-changing trees in Shawnee Mission Park. And it worked!

love (finding random places to take fabulous pictures),

washington family

The totally awesome lovethemsomuch Torres family hooked me up with yet another session. Referrals, simply put, are the book of my business. Without wonderful families like Wende’s, I would, without a doubt, not be where I am today.

This session required a drive to Manhattan…my old stomping grounds of the KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…..WILDCATS!! You know you’re way too grown for a college town when, rather than going to Aggieville for lunch you find a small cafe on the other side of town where the party is NOT at. With a book. And a pot of coffee. And a heavenly sandwich…seriously I’ll have to do a post about that place next.

The Washington family…an extension of the Torres family…and totally awesome as well!

The head of this whole crew…

…and their babies…

…and their babies babies…

Break it down now…

The Torres Family

…and my favorite…with their babies babies…

…and the whole gang…

love (big families),

torres family

This family has believed in me from day one. They give me opportunity after opportunity (this one coming up!) to document their family and I’m so absolutely grateful for that.

You know it’s going to be a fun session when we start out with Grandma going down the slide…

The sisterhood…

The family…

The car…and his girls…



Thank you as always Wende and fam! You all are THE BEST!!

love (when they keep coming back),

the corriston’s

This is my one to grow on for Friday. Because today feels special…in the way that only a Friday one week before Christmas can feel…and this family is incredibly special. It was a brisk fall morning in October and we rocked it like woah at Shawnee Mission Park.

Perhaps it’s her expression…the steady concentration on such an angelic face…I adore this picture.

That’s one beautiful Momma!

And maybe just one with the love of her life…

love (pretty families on yummy golden mornings),