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The one thing I really love about engagement sessions is having the ability to connect with my future wedding clients. This is merely my opinion, but what better way to learn about two people, in love, preparing to spend the rest of their lives together than to take pictures of them reveling in the thought that ohmygoodnesswe’regettingmarried…they get to become comfortable with me (and a big black box clicking in their face) and I have the opportunity to learn about them.

Case in point, Emily & Hank. Awesomely laid-back and superbly in love. Not to mention their fantastic taste in music – that’s a staple factoid, seeming as they met at a music shop. We began our day at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park – it’s where they went on their first date and, as a great additional to our afternoon spent together, it just so happened to be they were celebrating their anniversary as well. While a little chilly, their spirits were joyous as they enjoyed a picnic together, snuggled into a blanket.

To warm up, and add to the nostalgia, we headed to Vinyl Renaissance where Emily and Hank met. What a fantastic way to end our session!

We found it – love.

Emily and Hank I am SO looking forward to your wedding in June! I just know it’s going to be beautiful and equally unique and adoring as your engagement session; take care!

love (couples who love killer music),


cindy ♥ dirk

Cindy and Dirk were an amazing couple to say the least — and I found out very quickly how great of a sense of humor they had when I decided to title their photo gallery “Cindy and Hank – Engaged!”

As I indicated previously…his name is not Hank.

If I don’t laugh at the lame mistakes I make, I’d spend my days crying over myself. Thankfully, Cindy and Dirk are awesome people and know how to have a laugh at my expense like I do.

Cindy + Dirk + Downtown Kansas City = engagement session awesomeness. Enjoy!

Coming up next is their wedding!

love (fun-day mondays),

jamie ♥ justin

As part of the game of catch up I’ve been playing the latter part of this year, I want to share with you an amazing couple I worked with in June. A couple of things I learned during their engagement session:

  • If the sky turns black and begins to rain fury on the lands 30 minutes before the session…don’t wig out. It will probably pass and provide stunning lighting.
  • Never downplay your immediate surroundings to be less than adequate for a session — because of said thunderstorm we used the ins and outs of my very own apartment complex to accomplish what we needed.
  • A cute booty on a beautiful bride-to-be will most definitely ensure smiles and fantastical expressions of joy from her fiance’s face.
  • Always carry with you an Annie — without her I would not succeed in life.


Next up…their beautiful August wedding!

love (awesome couples up for anything),

amanda ♥ donnie

We met January 21, 2007. I had just scrambled into the building of my new job for our first day of training and grabbed the first chair available to me – she sat across from me and flashed this CRAZY HUGE smile my way.

“Hi! I’m Amanda!”

That introduction led to what is now a three-year friendship still going strong. As one of my closest friends, she is not only sporting the little black dress and shamrock green shoe get-up for my wedding in 16 days (*EEK!*), but she’s also donning a wedding dress in just under six months. And it’s safe to say…I helped her get there. Oh yeah…this is me…takin’ the credit…I was the matchmaker for her and Donnie! So, am I stoked to document their wedding day?

You know this. 🙂

I can’t even type this without tears…she knows how stinkin’ happy I am for her…so here are my faves of their engagement session we did in Boonville, Missouri on a sweet August morning. Amanda had the entire course of action planned out, from a stop at the old train station, to a random field in the middle of nowhere (no for reals – I had no clue where I was), to her parents front porch and then finally for some shared ice cream at a local diner. Walking into an unfamiliar town – this was a fantastic help!!

Look what I found!! LOVE!!!!!

love (workin’ my matchmaker skillzzzzz),

a little catchup and some photography fun

I thought I’d take an opportunity, while editing some really gorgeous weddings, to share with you what kind of portraits I’ve been up to this summer. I thought it also a good time to remind everyone that it’s September. After September, it’s October. Before you know it…it’s Christmas. And if any of you are anything like me…you’ll wait until December 1st (my birthday…fyi…for the gift givers out there) to realize that you want holiday pictures to send with your Christmas cards.

I’ll get to my point regarding that in a moment…for now…enjoy some summertime cuteness I had the liberty of capturing.

Now that I’ve had a photo-tangent, back to what I was saying about family holiday pictures. You should have them done.


On October 16th, I will be offering mini-sessions for those who are in need of family holiday pictures.

– Shawnee Mission Park
– 30 minutes
– High-Resolution CD of your images
– 1 8×10 for your family of your favorite image
– $80.00

Timeframes available:


If you’re interested, contact me asap at and we’ll get to booking you!

Don’t forget about the special right now for “friendly decor,” an extension of my business where my captures from lost time are available to the masses. Go here to see full details and click on the full gallery of images. The special is only available through September 7th!!!

Have a great Thursday!

love (sharing picture updates),

kayla ♥ daniel

What makes my job so amazing is the people I get to meet. Really cool people. People who giggle and hold hands and sneak kisses when no one’s looking and really love each other.

Enter Kayla and Daniel, the smitten couple I have the pleasure of spending time with at their August wedding. We ran amuck in downtown Kansas City, which I’m convinced is a place that breeds new nooks to capture sensational pictures on a second-to-second basis.

Kayla and Daniel – congratulations on your engagement! I look forward to the fun we’ll share in August!!

View Kayla and Daniel’s entire engagement session here.

This next one is my favorite…for reals. Kayla was so cold by this point and Daniel just scooped her up and kept her warm. What a good man!!

the joy

I experience it everytime I cuddle my pup, schmooze my kittens, love on my favorite little ones, laugh with my friends, hug my heart and find the perfect spot to lie on the shoulder of  my husband-to-be.


Yesterday was yet another fulfilled moment of joy. Spending hours upon hours outdoors in the greatness of Kansas and the city limits of Missouri, capturing love and joy in the sweet midwestern sun. Driving home at the end of my evening, with the sun hanging low and the day beginning to go gray, it dawned on me…

…this is what I was born to do. Windows down, music up (probably BEP because I’ve loved them like woah for like…eons), camera to my right and an open road to take me home…it’s joy. And it can always be found if you just allow yourself to know it exists in everything the Lord has touched.

I can’t wait to share with you the amazingly fun senior session and engagement session I had yesterday. Stay tuned later this week for the full blog post on both!

love (springtime joy),