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You know how there are moments when you show up for a session and you see a certain something and you just know it’s going to be a great session? I walked into Amber and Derek’s house and saw the coolest pair of kid-sized Van’s ever. Right there…in front of me. I considered trying them on for a split second but curbed the urge – I had to remain professional. In the end, DC wore the shoes and sported the coolest faux-hawk I’d ever witnessed and we captured a family whose love is obvious. No queue’s were needed to ‘show me some love.” It was just there…and I’m the lucky one who was able to capture it.

First up…DC…

Next up…the lovely parents-to-be…

Amber in all of her AMAZING baby-growing glory. God, if you’re listening…can you hook this girl up with this kind of  baby-growing cuteness?

Finally…the trio (or…foursome rather) in all their amazingness…

Happy Monday everyone!

love (well-coordinated family outfits that aren’t full of white button-downs and khaki pants),


a little catchup and some photography fun

I thought I’d take an opportunity, while editing some really gorgeous weddings, to share with you what kind of portraits I’ve been up to this summer. I thought it also a good time to remind everyone that it’s September. After September, it’s October. Before you know it…it’s Christmas. And if any of you are anything like me…you’ll wait until December 1st (my birthday…fyi…for the gift givers out there) to realize that you want holiday pictures to send with your Christmas cards.

I’ll get to my point regarding that in a moment…for now…enjoy some summertime cuteness I had the liberty of capturing.

Now that I’ve had a photo-tangent, back to what I was saying about family holiday pictures. You should have them done.


On October 16th, I will be offering mini-sessions for those who are in need of family holiday pictures.

– Shawnee Mission Park
– 30 minutes
– High-Resolution CD of your images
– 1 8×10 for your family of your favorite image
– $80.00

Timeframes available:


If you’re interested, contact me asap at and we’ll get to booking you!

Don’t forget about the special right now for “friendly decor,” an extension of my business where my captures from lost time are available to the masses. Go here to see full details and click on the full gallery of images. The special is only available through September 7th!!!

Have a great Thursday!

love (sharing picture updates),


Sometimes I’m a flake. Not often. But when I am, I am a really good flake. Like that one time when I asked…you know what…you don’t need to hear about all that business.

I was a HUGE flake for not posting a teaser photo of this beautiful maternity session I did a couple weeks back for my sweet friend Krysti. I know, right?! Silly?! Yeah…

So here’s your teaser:

And now we’ll move on to the full blown post on this amazing family. The family that made me cry from seeing their love through the viewfinder. The family that rocked a maternity session like woah. And McBaby (come on Krysti can I get even a hint of her name?!) will be here in about 5-6 weeks so I’ll get to spend time with them again soon for her newborn sessions. Eeek!!

View Krysti’s entire session here.

Boom. Get it MOMMA!!

You just wait…you haven’t seen love yet until you see these next few…

See?! Oh there I go again with that whole crying like a pansy thing…

And because I have to always end horizontally…and because this picture fully encompasses the level of love in which these photos were taken…

love (that real love exists),


It’s been about 10 months since my last maternity session and I gotta tell ya – it had been waaay too long!! Naturally I am a lover of the goddesses who are mommies-to-be. Stunning women as they already are, they are the ultimate backpackers, carrying with them the most essential of all things – life. And it’s so so so breathtaking.

Jennifer was no exception to this statement. In fact, I think we went beyond the statement and kicked some serious maternity session behind. Thanks Jenn for being willing to step into the cold drizzle of March in Kansas and work the camera. You were an amazing model and I cannot.WAIT until your little man is here and we can get back together to capture more life memories!!

View Jennifer’s entire maternity session here.

The next one is one of my favorites. Check out that proud Daddy! Props to Leo for being so patient and willing to hang out with us in the drizzle!

Okay don’t laugh…okay you’ll laugh…but I LOVE this one because the tone and placement mimicks Bella in the big trees with Edward. Doesn’t it?! I mean Jenn totally makes it look 1000x better but doesn’t it kinda remind you of that??

Get some.

love (buns in the oven),


I feel myself finally finding my niche in photography.  I think I understand the style of photos I am meant to capture.  Note how I prefaced that statement with the words “I think”…this will, for the rest of my life, be an ongoing journey with no final destination.  And that’s why I love photography so much.

And it’s moments like this that I have the honor of capturing of such a dear friend.

IMG_4153 edit sig

IMG_4293 edit sig

IMG_4530 edit sig

IMG_4670 edit sig

IMG_4769 edit sig

IMG_4858 edit sig

IMG_4918 edit sig

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IMG_4943 edit sig

IMG_4972 edit sig

Ahh heck…here’s one to grow on…

IMG_4924 edit sig

Don’t forget to view the slideshow for the rest of the photos!!

amanda: *teaser*

I can’t tell you how excited I am to post these pictures.  Stay tuned, because there are so many more where this came from…and I don’t know how I’m going to pick my favorites when all of them seem to be amazing photos (I assure you it’s not me…it’s always the model that makes these photos fabulous!).

IMG_4712 edit sig

P.S.  Thanks for being so awesome and patient while I find my framing and signature niche.  I think I finally have it where I want it.  It only took 500 attempts!!  🙂


She’s ridiculously witty and has a tendency to roll up her shirt and smear lotion on her growing belly on a whim. Sheri is going to be such an incredible mom. To say this a moment she has been looking forward to for at least a year is an understatement…they deserve this. And God knows He brought a new life into her life at the perfect moment.

Sheri I am so excited for you and Jeff. The two of you will be amazing parents and I look forward to seeing the new life you embrace with the exciting arrival of Kendall. I love you unconditionally (as if you don’t already know this), I love Kendall irrevocably (and am so honored to have her know my voice in the womb) and I look forward to seeing the amazing Momma you turn into!!

IMG_2827 edit sig

IMG_2877 edit sig

IMG_2889 edit sig

IMG_2734 edit sig

I honestly can’t pick my favorite from this session.  For more, visit the slideshow!!