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I’ve done a couple vow renewals in my day and I can honestly say that they might be more emotional than weddings the first time around. It’s a topic that’s definitely up for debate. Seeing a couple, after 35, 40 or 50 years, saying they’re going to continue to go through the good and the bad and celebrate each other for another lifetime is breathtaking. In a world like we have today, the vows made at weddings sometimes aren’t really said with 100% certainty. The rate of divorce is much higher and the willingness to give up when things look mildly bleak in a relationship is equally so.

You may be saying to yourself, “Ummmm…you’re a wedding Photographer and you’re talking about divorce?” The answer is yeah, I am. Divorce happens. It happens all the time, for justifiable and unjustifiable reasons.

Pat and David are proof that the sanctity of marriage can withstand the rough and tough aspects of life and relationships. They are proof that love surpasses the hardships and revels in the exciting happenings of a long life lived together in marriage. They are proof that with God between two people you can conquer the world hand in hand, for life. So today, they are recognized and congratulated for 35 years of a beautiful marriage and two equally beautiful children. They renewed their vows at Trinity United Methodist Church – this was a very special moment as both of their children were married there and with the same Pastor. What an awesome tradition to continue!

Just like the first time, Pat’s Father gave her away to David.


Some finger-licking after cutting the cake…

…and the glow of a beautiful bride!

Congratulations Hurrelbrink Family!

love (the proof that love can withstand time),


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