for momma

For my Momma, this year I did something a little different for Mother’s Day. Normally, I share sweet words about how she has been an awesome parent to both my brother and I. This year I decided to switch it up, just a bit.

You see, my Mom wasn’t just a parenting figure to my brother and I. During high school I had three very close friends whom, throughout life and to this day, still call my Mom, “Mom.” She reached out in a way many people may not have done, for what reason I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a motherly obligation that I won’t understand until I’m a Mother – personally I think it’s just that my Mom is that good-hearted. She was there when things were high-school tough, she was there when hearts were broken, she opened her doors to them and let them stay when they felt they had nowhere else to go. She had Christmas stockings for them, special trinkets of love she found at yard sales, birthday cakes with their name on it. She bought yearbooks and senior pictures for them when they couldn’t afford it, parented when she needed to be their parent and treated them like they were her own flesh and blood. She took them in on holidays when they couldn’t be with their families, she drove them cross-country so they could spend a summer with their parents, she washed their laundry while they napped. She attended their wedding and years later, upon witnessing heartbreak, sat them at the family table at my wedding so they could feel safe once more. There was a very distinct reason they called her Mom…in so many ways she was an extension of their own flesh and blood Momma.

This Mother’s Day, on behalf of “your girls”, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, Momma! I hope you enjoyed these two pictures, framed, to put on your desk at work. I’m proud to share you with them – they were lucky women to have a piece of  your heart!

(credit to Purple Shutters Photography for above picture)

I hope you all had an incredible Mother’s Day!

love (the things we do for love),


2 responses

  1. fitnessbarbie

    Eek! Mama! I love her, and you, and all she has ever done. When I think of mom, I think of a warm, safe place. I think of those times coming to your house, and all the fun we had their, and it brings back those feelings you get when you really miss a time in your life. She was wonderful, always caring, ready to give advice, love, and of course, big HUGS! XOXO

    9 May 2011 at 9:54 am

  2. Debbie

    Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!! 😀 As you know, I’ve spent many years, many many miles away from my mom (the one who gave birth to me). In such a crutial time in my life, when I felt alone and scared, you stepped in and were that special person in my life ~ the one that I could depend on, cry to, share special moments in my life with. What you have done for me and what you have been to me over the years has meant more to me than you could ever ever know. I love you, Mom!!! Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for being my mom!

    9 May 2011 at 1:31 pm

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