ashley | lenexa kansas senior portrait photographer

There was this one day, many moons ago, when I was asked to choreograph a very special Modern solo for a very special girl. Ashley walked in all sorts of shy and, as the choreography shaped, so did she. When we first showcased her solo to the masses of her dance studio as a trial run before competition, she floored me. This unbelievable power surged from every twist, turn and thrash she danced. I cried. The class was left speechless. She had transformed us through the story she told with her movement.

Ashley is a 2011 graduate and embodies everything I have hoped to see in our future generations. She stands for unity and love, supporting an incredible organization known as Invisible Children (found on Facebook as well). She seeks change in the world and has a huge heart. She’s, simply, incredible.

Ashley, darlin’, you know I love ya. Like…for real. Never forget the way you moved people with your dancing that day in class…harness the impact you have on others through your actions and your heart…and never let it go. Take this time right now and experience the amazing journey of adulthood…be good…be safe…and go out there and knock ’em dead with your determination to make a change. I love you so much!

Whoop Whoop – LOVE!

love (seeing the possibilities of our younger generation),


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