emily ♥ hank | lenexa kansas wedding photographer

The one thing I really love about engagement sessions is having the ability to connect with my future wedding clients. This is merely my opinion, but what better way to learn about two people, in love, preparing to spend the rest of their lives together than to take pictures of them reveling in the thought that ohmygoodnesswe’regettingmarried…they get to become comfortable with me (and a big black box clicking in their face) and I have the opportunity to learn about them.

Case in point, Emily & Hank. Awesomely laid-back and superbly in love. Not to mention their fantastic taste in music – that’s a staple factoid, seeming as they met at a music shop. We began our day at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park – it’s where they went on their first date and, as a great additional to our afternoon spent together, it just so happened to be they were celebrating their anniversary as well. While a little chilly, their spirits were joyous as they enjoyed a picnic together, snuggled into a blanket.

To warm up, and add to the nostalgia, we headed to Vinyl Renaissance where Emily and Hank met. What a fantastic way to end our session!

We found it – love.

Emily and Hank I am SO looking forward to your wedding in June! I just know it’s going to be beautiful and equally unique and adoring as your engagement session; take care!

love (couples who love killer music),


One response

  1. Emily

    Jeni, we had so much fun at our anniversary photo shoot, and I can’t wait to see what happens at the wedding in June. I’ll practice my serious face before then so that I’m not on the verge of crack-up in every picture. Will you tell Hank he’s not allowed to make faces at me? Thanks for capturing the fun!

    4 May 2011 at 7:54 pm

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