briley | 9 months | olathe kansas child & family photographer

When I walked into their house, I was shocked over the change taken with Briley. In three months, her chunky cheeks had thinned slightly and her body was long and lean. She was crawling around like a maniac and speaking in baby tongues. Holy smokes…she’d grown up.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again – get pictures. The first year package is such a blessing to families because it documents this drastic transition of their baby. Krysti and Trevor knew these moments would be fleeting…so they signed up for a year of photographic extravaganza’s. Here we are, three months from the end of our one year journey with Briley. Not only am I honored to be their Photographer of choice, but I’m PROUD that they recognized the importance of having these images taken.

I will preface these aren’t all of the pictures. There are some absolutely heavenly images taken of Briley and her naked bum ala the Coppertone baby…they may have to wait for another time, though.

These next two are my favorite series…I can’t wait to see these two go side by side on a wall in Krysti and Trevor’s home…

These next two family shots have me all sorts of in awe of their love…

Happy Monday all!

love (first year packages),


One response

  1. Brooke

    The 6th shot is to. die. for. Look at those blue eyes!

    24 March 2011 at 9:09 pm

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