not-so-sweet lady

Okay the title of this post isn’t entirely true. She’s nice…sometimes. There are those times when I find her curled up on my pillow and she’s purring just waiting for me to give her pets.

Then there are those moments when I’m on the phone with clients and I’m avoiding using every foul word imaginable out of sheer frustration – and pain – because she’s biting my ankles.

Either way she means the world to me…and this is what she likes to do for fun. Watch birds…chirp/bark at them…then give up and instead decide to terrorize Fritz. I left the terrorizing part out of this segment pictorally because it’s all about the love on this blog…and not so much the ankle-biting hate.

Sasha…the occasionally sweet girl. Happy Friday all! Sorry for my absence this week – the time change left me without something to talk about…I’ll do my best to make up for my lack of posting for the rest of the month!

love (gray meow meow’s),


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