Amber & Family | Lee’s Summit Missouri Family Photographer

You know how there are moments when you show up for a session and you see a certain something and you just know it’s going to be a great session? I walked into Amber and Derek’s house and saw the coolest pair of kid-sized Van’s ever. Right there…in front of me. I considered trying them on for a split second but curbed the urge – I had to remain professional. In the end, DC wore the shoes and sported the coolest faux-hawk I’d ever witnessed and we captured a family whose love is obvious. No queue’s were needed to ‘show me some love.” It was just there…and I’m the lucky one who was able to capture it.

First up…DC…

Next up…the lovely parents-to-be…

Amber in all of her AMAZING baby-growing glory. God, if you’re listening…can you hook this girl up with this kind of  baby-growing cuteness?

Finally…the trio (or…foursome rather) in all their amazingness…

Happy Monday everyone!

love (well-coordinated family outfits that aren’t full of white button-downs and khaki pants),


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