the under-appreciated dance moments…

It’s my opinion that the Mother/Son dance is not the popular dance to watch at a wedding. Perhaps it’s because it’s the last formal dance leading up to an open dance floor and a mass consumption of beverages. Perhaps it’s because it’s typically not as emotional…that’s usually the bride’s job to cry. Either way, it’s just as vitally important as any other moment during a wedding reception. That Momma bore that man…and she’s releasing him to the hands of someone else who will care for him for the rest of his days. As an eventual Mom, I can’t possibly imagine how emotional that moment will be for me should God grace me with a male Turner/Friend combo mix and we reach the pivotal moment when he’s taking a wife.

One of my goals this year when shooting weddings is to treat this moment like it’s the ultimate moment in the wedding. While others are transitioning into get-crazy-and-party mode, I will be there to capture the pride in a Mother’s face as she hands over her baby boy.

love (my Momma),


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