We were 24 hours into our marriage. We’d spent our first night as a married couple in our own bed, ringing in the midnight hour with one of my dear friends, all the while opening the gifts we’d received from friends and family. Our internal alarm clocks woke us bright and early, prompting us to begin our first day as a married couple. We were excited to start the adventure, but first…we needed a break. Most importantly…we  needed to sleep. We reeeeallllly needed sleep.

Thank God for the generous gift we received from one of our cousins as a wedding gift…a nights stay somewhere discreet. Somewhere we could cozy up and reduce the sounds from the rest of the world to a dull whisper. I retract that – where we stayed reduced the sounds of the rest of the world completely. In a small Irish town just 40 miles north of us…we found solitude and rest. Together, for the first time as husband and wife.

It was such an experience to spend the evening at the Benner House in Weston, Missouri. We enjoyed dinner at the American Bowman Restaurant inside of O’Malley’s Irish Pub and brought dessert home.

We enjoyed dessert and passed out by 7 o’clock. We woke at 9 o’clock for breakfast and that one thing I can’t live without…coffee. Our hosts were amazing, already up with the dawn and cooking a beautiful (and delicious) meal. As it normally turns out, I knew one of the other guests staying the weekend — Jeff says we can’t go anywhere without me knowing someone — so while I chatted with an old friend he read the newspaper. We had our coffee, enjoyed our breakfast, and headed home.

For the rest of my days I’ll thank God for mini-getaways. I think He made them so people can regroup and remember that the little moments shared…the dessert sharing…the quiet coffee time…the no-tv moments…are the moments that matter. They are what get us by until our next regrouping…whether it be at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast or at home on a much-appreciated snow day (which, if you’re in Kansas, you’re getting plenty of this week).

I encourage you…don’t let the moments fly by without notice. Hug the moments with your heart. Breathe them into your lungs and be refreshed. If you have a camera (or a phone, in this day and age) pick it up and take a picture of your moments. Solidify them in imagery. Photographic opportunities don’t always come from premier events and scheduled sessions…they spontaneously come from the heart…preserve them not just for you but for your family in twenty years…mini-getaways are God’s way of helping us regroup and reflect…go with all your heart and enjoy them.

love (stepping away from the world for a moment),


2 responses

  1. Ahh Weston. Love it there. I see that you went to O’Malley’s as well;what a great little resturant/pub. You make me wanna book a bed and breakfast getaway stat. Today’s post was a great reminder that you don’t have to go to extravagant lengths to have a quiet, awesome, and special getaway. Btw, did you show the B&B those pics you took? They make the place look so beautiful, they’d be silly not to use them for advertisement.

    20 January 2011 at 10:25 am

    • Thanks Paige! I did forward the blog post and my information to the bed and breakfast. Jeff and I made friends with the folks who own the B&B while we were visiting and I mentioned I was a Photographer. We exchanged interest in bartering services so now I’ll just cross my fingers and hope they like what they see. 🙂

      20 January 2011 at 2:16 pm

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