all blurred up

In focus. Well composed.

Two tricks to a great photo.

What about blur? (Did ya like that? It’s like What About Bob? but I made it What About Blur? Sheer genious over here, folks.)

I often find myself looking at a blurry image and feeling the emotion oozing from the picture…but the emotion is caught behind the blur.

Take this picture of my brother and I…on a ride that took us back to our younger years of Ocean City and the boardwalk rides…cuhracking up.

Sure, if we were in focus and all else was blurred, this would have been an even better shot. It’s not perfect by any means…but look at us…look at us…that kind of image shouldn’t be thrown to the wolves just because it’s blurry.

Sometimes I get caught up in the pictures that other people take. I stare endlessly at other blogs for inspiration and movement in my heart to re-create what they do my way. In the midst of my drive towards perfection, I forget sometimes what my business is all about.

Love. All about the love.

Maybe I’m not perfect…but love IS…completely perfect…and it will seep through the ill-created shot…because nothing contains love…not even blur.

My niece hunting for Easter eggs…

Warm-ups before the big dance number…

A kiss shared in between focuses…

A mommy/daughter moment caught at sunset…

Looking back…I didn’t intend to catch these shots. Chances are, I was looking for something else and wound up with this because I wasn’t doing something right with my camera…thank goodness I wasn’t doing something right with my camera.

Happy Tuesday all!

love (enjoying grand imperfections),


One response

  1. Love the blur pictures… those last two are absolutely stunning! Thanks for stopping by my blog today…always nice to meet talented photographers. You have a lovely blog here yourself! Beautiful work.

    13 January 2011 at 7:12 pm

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