the good stuff

Oh yeah. It’s going to be hotness. Super fun, giggly, smiley, sexy hotness.

My new boudoir extension…Sexy Skivvies and Lovely Unmentionables…I’m so stoked. I’ve been playing around with this notion for awhile, did a bunch of free sessions to see if it was something I was 1. really interested in and 2. was good at. Check and check.

A couple things about this extension of my business you’ll see…or rather…you won’t see. I believe in keeping your goods privatized…they won’t be seen on here nor will they be seen on an additional blog as I don’t have the time (or patience) to maintain upkeep. Who will see the images? You will. The client. My own husband doesn’t even venture into the office when I’m sassifying a bare-naked chickey…there’s no way I’m about to post your image here for him to see after the fact. There’s only one body he’s seeing half nakey…ya dig?

It’s a beautiful Wednesday; have a good one y’all!

love (beautiful women),


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