m homecoming {66}

The Facebook message came last minute. Like 6:00pm the night before he arrived kind of last minute. But we made it work, and his homecoming was spectacular. There’s not any one word that can best describe how it feels to watch a soldier come home to his/her family. It was my first homecoming as an OpLove Photographer, and I was not prepared.

At all.

I kept it together until after I parted from the family. Then I called Mom. And within a matter of seconds I was sobbing tears upon grateful tears for being given the ability to do what I do. How do you say thank you to someone who just fought their bum off in the most dangerous of circumstances, defending freedom? Thank you. Is that enough? In my everyday tasks where laundry and litterbox duty are in my top five morning to-do’s, I forget. I forget what sacrifice it takes to get me here. Living everyday with my laundry piles and dirty dishes and stinky cats…I should be more grateful for the items that stress me out and make me bitter. After all is said and done, after the to-do’s are marked off for the day, I get to walk next to my husband and kiss him in any public location I please — I get to mouth off on Facebook if I want to and share my opinions — I get to live life…free.

And it’s because of people like this guy…

love (all who fight for freedom),


One response

  1. Thank you again. These are amazing and I’ve done OpLove sessions – a homecoming has not been done so I couldn’t imagine the emotion you personally felt. Last minute for sure! I’m glad I was able to get a hold of you so you could help her out!!

    30 December 2010 at 11:28 am

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