cindy ♥ dirk

I promised a wedding, so here it is! Cindy was BEYOND beautiful and Dirk was enamored with her. It’s the way it should be. Always. Forever and ever amen.

We began our day at Liberty Memorial…

Then we moved to the ceremony site at Grand Avenue Temple United Methodist Church

Wouldja look at that face…

…and that joy…

…and that “ohthankyouGodhe’sfinallyallmine” nuzzle…

…and that hug…the one that says in a tear-filled whisper, “We did it baby.”

Then there was their sweet ride…

And then…the reception space…Studio Dan Meiners.

Gorgeous decor…

…beautiful cupcakes…

…beautiful laughter…

…and true happiness…

And yes…I found love…as if I needed to show it was there any more! 

 love (beautiful Kansas City weddings),


One response

  1. Gorgeous wedding (and engagement!) photos Jeni!

    28 December 2010 at 12:41 pm

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