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As part of the game of catch up I’ve been playing the latter part of this year, I want to share with you an amazing couple I worked with in June. A couple of things I learned during their engagement session:

  • If the sky turns black and begins to rain fury on the lands 30 minutes before the session…don’t wig out. It will probably pass and provide stunning lighting.
  • Never downplay your immediate surroundings to be less than adequate for a session — because of said thunderstorm we used the ins and outs of my very own apartment complex to accomplish what we needed.
  • A cute booty on a beautiful bride-to-be will most definitely ensure smiles and fantastical expressions of joy from her fiance’s face.
  • Always carry with you an Annie — without her I would not succeed in life.


Next up…their beautiful August wedding!

love (awesome couples up for anything),


One response

  1. these are great, I think you worked with your setting beautifully!!

    17 December 2010 at 1:35 pm

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