it’s beginning to feel a lot like our first christmas!

One batch of cookies baked – check.
One Celtic Christmas CD playing on repeat – check.
Three stockings hung for the furbabies with care – check.
Two newlyweds with absolutely no regard for the element of surprise, telling each other what they bought the other for Christmas, but still celebrating as if we don’t know – CHECK!!

So we’re not good at the whole waiting until Christmas thing…but our apartment is decked from wall to wall with holiday flare and we’re cozied up enjoying every minute of the season.

Saturday I made cookies and we both suffered something fierce of a stomach ache due to mass consumption. Sunday night we risked having bladder infections just so we could see some Christmas lights – our bladders won and we ran waddled into the apartment at warp-speed. Yesterday we practiced our singing skills – if we work hard enough I really think we could join the Celtic Choir next year!

To think…this is just our first…and there are so many more to look forward to having as a family…it’s just so wicked-cool.

In a summary of photographs, here is our decorated home:

If you notice, I am trying something new with my signatures – what do you think?? I’m working on making everything more cohesive and thought this might work…happy Tuesday!!

love (all things Christmas),


One response

  1. Ruth

    I love the new logo!! 🙂

    19 December 2010 at 7:55 pm

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