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Typically I blog once a day – or at least I try to – but today called for a second post. With going full-time in my business just over a month ago, there has been a big game of catch-up played and a lot of questioning the next direction of jenifriend photography. Notably, marketing plays a huge factor in how much business I produce, so this is me…reaching out to market myself…to you…

I’m sure a large majority of folks forgot to take pictures this year. No worries! This is a great opportunity to play catch-up yourselves with the potential of receiving an amazing discount by referring your friends and family!!

Throughout the year I’ve tried to document love where I see it. What better way to showcase love than to spread it year-round? I am happy to premier A Year Of Love, a twelve-month compilation of the sightings I captured throughout this year…to share with you for all of next year. Still available for arrival before Christmas, the calendars are $20 each and can be ordered here.

In other (still business-related) news, you’ll begin to see some changes take place around here. I’ll be revamping my website and blog so if the dots aren’t connecting when you click on a link, do not fret, it will all be smooth-movin’ in no time.

love (thankful Tuesday’s),


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  1. Now that I’m completely on my own, too, I find marketing pervades my every waking moment. Every connection with someone or some organization is an opportunity to let them know who I am and what I do. It can get a little batty sometimes – you can’t hard-sell everyone all the time, of course – but by keeping it top of mind, I find I’m identifying business that would have otherwise remained hidden.

    Good on you for building your practice around these very concepts!

    14 December 2010 at 5:03 pm

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