You may remember the parentals, Mollie & Matt, from October 2009 when they married. Well…they had a little one. In fact, when I met with Mollie to give her the images from her wedding, she was already building Charlie in her belly. A honeymoon baby, fo sho!

Everyone…here’s Charlie!

I’m testing out external flash outdoors to capture environmental portraiture – your thoughts?

Meet America’s Next Top Model – Mollie QUIT IT with the cuteness!!

love (blue-eyed drooly babies),


One response

  1. How adorable he is!! External flash…my opinion, it washed out the color…or that could be the way you processed. Or maybe I am just a fan of super contrast and vivid color, which I understand is not how EVERYTHING should be processed. But again, a beautiful session!! I love looking at your pictures 🙂 (and then again, I know NOTHING about using a flash, so my opinion isn’t really valid, lol)

    13 December 2010 at 11:06 pm

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