my favorites places in the world are…

With moving my business to full-time, I am so excited to incorporate “my favorite places” into my monthly round of blog posts. It’s something that forces the reminder of what it is I should be grateful for in my life…that’s definitely worth repeating.

I spent a lot of my childhood in one particular place…Cumberland, Maryland. I was the only female grandbaby for a very long time, and I admit that title had its advantages. I ran “my boys” into the ground sometimes with my dictating authority, knowing if I got any sass I could yell out “Uncle Rooooooon!” and the sass would be put to bed.

Like that.

Realistically, though, being the only female had an abundance of disadvantages. Sure, I learned how to throw a punch, belch with the best of ’em and climb a tree in five seconds flat, but I couldn’t stand up to pee (despite my many attempts at doing so – thank you Nanny for not pounding me into the floor for that one!) and I…well…I wasn’t a boy. As much as I wanted it to be so, I wasn’t always able to join in on all the activities the boys did together. But I had my special place…the place I could escape to and do my girly thing and play with my dolls and paint my nails and pretend to be a mermaid in the pool without the risk of receiving a wedgie or trying to be drowned by one of my ever-so-loving cousins or brother…

Mamaw and Pap’s house. The Friend house. Humbird Street. My home away from home.

It’s where I would ride my tricycle up and down the sidewalk for hours…where Frosty came every week and he knew that I would always debate between a chocolate cone or a chocolate cone and he would pretend to be surprised every time I made my selection…and it’s the first place I go when I get back into town…every.single.time. And just like when I was a child…I sleep next to my Mamaw…because that’s where I’m the most at ease.

love (dreary Wednesday’s that make me feel all nostalgic and junk),


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