amanda ♥ donnie

We met January 21, 2007. I had just scrambled into the building of my new job for our first day of training and grabbed the first chair available to me – she sat across from me and flashed this CRAZY HUGE smile my way.

“Hi! I’m Amanda!”

That introduction led to what is now a three-year friendship still going strong. As one of my closest friends, she is not only sporting the little black dress and shamrock green shoe get-up for my wedding in 16 days (*EEK!*), but she’s also donning a wedding dress in just under six months. And it’s safe to say…I helped her get there. Oh yeah…this is me…takin’ the credit…I was the matchmaker for her and Donnie! So, am I stoked to document their wedding day?

You know this. 🙂

I can’t even type this without tears…she knows how stinkin’ happy I am for her…so here are my faves of their engagement session we did in Boonville, Missouri on a sweet August morning. Amanda had the entire course of action planned out, from a stop at the old train station, to a random field in the middle of nowhere (no for reals – I had no clue where I was), to her parents front porch and then finally for some shared ice cream at a local diner. Walking into an unfamiliar town – this was a fantastic help!!

Look what I found!! LOVE!!!!!

love (workin’ my matchmaker skillzzzzz),


One response

  1. fitnessbarbie

    OOOH you are still getting better. I love the one of them eating ice cream!

    13 November 2010 at 4:38 pm

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