a little catchup and some photography fun

I thought I’d take an opportunity, while editing some really gorgeous weddings, to share with you what kind of portraits I’ve been up to this summer. I thought it also a good time to remind everyone that it’s September. After September, it’s October. Before you know it…it’s Christmas. And if any of you are anything like me…you’ll wait until December 1st (my birthday…fyi…for the gift givers out there) to realize that you want holiday pictures to send with your Christmas cards.

I’ll get to my point regarding that in a moment…for now…enjoy some summertime cuteness I had the liberty of capturing.

Now that I’ve had a photo-tangent, back to what I was saying about family holiday pictures. You should have them done.


On October 16th, I will be offering mini-sessions for those who are in need of family holiday pictures.

– Shawnee Mission Park
– 30 minutes
– High-Resolution CD of your images
– 1 8×10 for your family of your favorite image
– $80.00

Timeframes available:


If you’re interested, contact me asap at info@jenifriendphotography.com and we’ll get to booking you!

Don’t forget about the special right now for “friendly decor,” an extension of my business where my captures from lost time are available to the masses. Go here to see full details and click on the full gallery of images. The special is only available through September 7th!!!

Have a great Thursday!

love (sharing picture updates),


One response

  1. I keep forgetting how fast the season closes in on us. Thank you for the timely reminder. And the stunning portraits – you are seriously gifted. The spirit of every subject practically jumps off my screen!

    3 September 2010 at 11:46 pm

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