friendly decor

When I first started in photography, I took pictures of things. Lots…and lots…and lots of things. It’s from those beautiful still shots where I ventured into portraits — taking pictures of flowers and trees was the foundation from which my business began.

In an effort to keep myself tied to my roots, I still try to get away and have lost time every few months, to capture the essence of God’s divine design…whether I’m just hopping onto my porch or getting lost on a windy Kansas back road, the need to see things from a non-portrait perspective keep me on my toes and (I think) helps to keep  my portrait creativity strong.

With that being said, I’m happy to announce “friendly decor,” an extension of my business where my captures from lost time are available to the masses.

Click here to go to the full gallery of images.

Images are available on regular print and printed canvas, starting at $15.00 for printed 8×10 images. Through September 7th, if you purchase a canvas print of any size, I’ll throw in an 8×10 image of your choice, for free. Contact me at for additional details!!

love (a really awesome start to the week),


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