bring in the newness

Google defines green as the color of balance, learning, growth and harmony…of change and transformation…of rest and safety.

This green-eyed Irish lass is headed off for another new adventure. This time it’s North to Wiscaaaaaahnson for an abrupt lesson in growth and change in my business. Many well-established folks in the biz share their ideas of what it means to become “official” as a Photographer – this…I constitute this as a main component into being appointed as such. For me, it speaks volumes to know someone thinks I’m worthy enough of documenting their wedding day beyond the state borders of Kansas and Missouri.

I’m humbled and so honored…

…and so begins the caffeine-induced preparation to another epic weekend with my long-lost twinkie Becky Z as we take Milwaukee by surprise with our awesome photographic maneuvering and wickedbad dance moves…

…maybe not the dance moves…though I can do a mean Charlie Brown…and I hear she brings the fury with the Cabbage Patch. 🙂

Have an amazing weekend celebrating my favorite holiday folks!

love (growth which leads to humility),


2 responses

  1. Have fun lady!!! That photo is gorgeous!

    2 July 2010 at 7:46 pm

  2. Have a good trip!! Can’t wait to see the awesome images!

    4 July 2010 at 10:06 am

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