photographer showcase | crystal hickey

In the photography world we make friends. Realllly goooood friends. Perhaps it’s the mutual understanding of what we attempt to capture on a day-to-day basis from behind the viewfinder…perhaps it’s the way we look at things in terms of composition and truly see life differently than others. Either way, we get each other on a whole other level. And those Photographers I circle up with – we support each other like woah.

Crystal aka Chickey is one of those Photographers I support like woah. She has an amazing blog which documents her ventures onto dirt roads with no signage or direction, and showcases her amazing landscape images she takes from them when she finds her way back home.

Chickey just published her first edition of Gravel Travels. This 37-page hardcover read will blow.your.mind. Fo reals. As a coffee table book glutton, I am certain this one will definitely stand out amongst the family albums and L.L. Bean magazines. So go buy one. For yourself. For a friend. Or for the stranger you see everyday who most certainly deserves a dose of inspirational landscaping beauty.

And while you’re at it, go show this gal some bloggy love and get to know her awesomeness.

love (chickey),


One response

  1. YOU ARE TOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Thanks so much for the plug! LOVE YOU!

    3 June 2010 at 2:47 pm

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