one week in…

It’s amazing how slowly, yet quickly, this week has passed. And to know we have another four days of adventures ahead of us before leaving the weirdest city in Texas, it excites me just thinking about the troubles Amanda and I can get into. We’re here for work, but we’ll be returning back to Kansas having had such an incredible experience together for purely personal reasons. With the beginning of this year being slow in the number of photo sessions, I’ve tried to revert back to the uninhibited side of photography…where it all began for me. It’s been an exquisite time rekindling that spirit within, and I’ve been so lucky to have someone who is walking in the shoes I walked in just over a year ago. I’m excited to share, with you all, Amanda of Fat Monkey Snapshots. She’s currently where we all started, filling her memory card to capacity and chasing light trails with a slow shutter speed. Please do the fantastic Photographer thang that you all do and welcome her, encourage her and show her the way of a new life from behind the lens. 🙂

love (continuous shutter speed),


One response

  1. AHAHAHAHAH! This is awesome!!!!!

    7 February 2010 at 4:48 pm

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