fantastic gifts come in cardboard packages

Sometimes life is really hard. God throws me a curveball and challenges me. Other times, life is really really good to me. God throws me a ball straight down homeplate and gives me an opportunity to get a homerun.

Okay so I’m not quite sure why I’m using so many baseball metaphors, but either way I have great news. Upon returning to Church this past Sunday I found a small cardboard box awaiting me. Imagine my surprise, upon opening it, to find a gift certificate to a local Day Spa entitled to moi. The women of my former Yogilates class at the Church pooled together and bought me gift. For a moment I sat in my living room expressionless because, really, how do you react to such generosity? Then I remembered my normal reaction to everything these days (really…it must be a flux in hormones) and the tears came streaming down. I just don’t know that a thank you will ever be enough to show these wonderful Sisters in Christ how truly humbled I am to know they thought me worthy enough of receiving such gifts.

Bonnie D. Nancy M. Kathy S. Betsy B. Brenda C. Julie S. Alyssa S. Stacey B. Julie M. Laurel W. Shelly S. Terri O. Anyone I missed…THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I promise I’ll use this amazing gift well. 🙂

love (God’s work in others),


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