10 years ago…

What were you doing for New Years? What were your dreams and aspirations for this time right now? How much have you changed??

I can’t believe it’s been ten years…TEN YEARS since I was in high school, creating my course of action for the next decade of my life. Sitting amongst my high school friends with a two-dog in hand, singing Billy Joel songs and anticipating Y2K’s armageddon-like explosion, I had it all figured out.

Thank you God for changing that course of action…without the tragedies and the adventures I had along the way I wouldn’t be here…

And simply because it’s totally worth sharing…me…my senior year of high school…with my long-time (and still fantastic) friend Steph. This girl deserves a shout out after enduring a decade of friendship with me despite all the ups and downs. 🙂

Happy New Years everyone!! I’ll see you next year!!

love (the next big adventure),


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