I’ve told everyone who knows I went the way of the Photographer that this year would be one of the most difficult for me in the way of senior sessions. This is no understatement, especially as I post the photos of Elle.

Only knowing her for two years, this young lady is a ray of sunshine that screams “love”. Love everywhere. Love in every thing. Love despite all faults and fears and trials. Love.

Elle, our coffee talks have been a more cherished part of my life. Accidentally happening upon slam poetry readings and “Stanley”…coffee will never be the same without you. I know that whichever college you select, you’ll go the path God provides. You’re a Believer like that. And at the sweet age of 17, I admire that about you. You know where you stand with Him. And you know you will prevail. I love you and am so stinking proud of you, my darling moderina.

*jenifriend wipes more tears away*

View Elle’s entire senior session here.

love (slam poetry coffee talks),


One response

  1. Elle

    I miss our coffee talks :C
    But for the zilionth time, thank you for these INCREDIBLE pictures
    I love them almost as much as you C:


    29 November 2009 at 4:36 pm

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