christy ♥ jason

For days leading up to this beautiful October day, it was rainy.  And cold.  Yet, by the grace of God, the clouds parted for Christy and Jason’s wedding so they could enjoy an outdoor wedding as they dreamed of having.

So relaxed, she helped with the finishing touches of the reception hall decorations.  He hustled and bustled around, a tad concerned about the black smudge he got on the side of his button-down.  All those finishing touches and hustles and bustles stopped when she stepped out into the room in her wedding gown.  Everything slowed down, and the rest of the night I watched as their embraces were enveloped with smiles and love that oozed from the depths of their hearts.

Christy and Jason, congratulations on such a monumental day as your wedding day.  As your closest family and friends repeated throughout the night…it’s about time! 🙂 I am honored to have captured all of your smiles and tears and joy and love and wish you nothing but those amazing emotions in abundance for the rest of your lives together.

View Christy and Jason’s entire wedding here.

I loved how there will little smidgens of love throughout the entire day…this just goes to show you can find love anywhere! 🙂

Jason didn’t speak for a moment when he saw Christy in her dress…he just stared at her. No speaking…just staring. *sigh*

Nothing beats a rousing a game of basketball before the big event.

Married life is heavenly bliss…and sun flare in your photo makes it 1000x better!

WORK IT Christy!!

Well helloooo there handsome. 🙂

Note to self: big bling on a cake is wickedbad.

There are moments when someone else’s flash helps out a photo…this is one of those moments.

Wait…is that Kanye? Yeah…he dropped in to let everyone know that Beyonce’s wedding was the best wedding EVER!

My favorite picture of Christy from the day…she’s so smitten and I can’t help but adore it (and slightly envy it).

love (“it’s about time” love),


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