jake ♥ claire

This post showcases a different kind of engagement session.  In fact, it’s not really an engagement session at all.  My photography services extend beyond your average wedding-related shindigs, family sessions, etc.  Have a fun birthday party you’d like to have documented?  I’m your girl.  Do you want a sober person to be around for your bachelorette party?  I’m your girl.  Do you want your Photographer Dad to be able to enjoy himself at his daughter’s engagement party and be seen in photos?  I was Claire and Jake’s girl for this one and can be for you as well, should you need me.  🙂

Claire and Jake, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to 1) meet your AMAZING family and 2) document such a special event for the two of you.  Good luck on your wedding planning festivities and your lives together.  With your tender-hearted personality, Jake, and your contagious smile and giggles, Claire, the two of you are an unstoppable team and I just appreciate more than anything you giving me such an evening to share with you.

View Claire and Jake’s entire engagement party session here.

This is the beautiful tent Claire’s family set up next to their home for additional seating and festivities.  Gorgeous!!

All smiles and jokes, these two!

The story behind the photo:  Claire’s Mom (left) was re-proposed to the night prior to this engagement party by Claire’s Father.  How sweet!!  Her and Claire are like two lovesick brides-to-be, together!!

Hooray!  I fit everyone in the photo!!  🙂

love (pre-wedding butterflies),


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  1. Kristen

    Love them!!!!

    27 October 2009 at 8:54 am

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