the weilbacher family

I’m so excited to introduce you all to the Weilbacher family.  I hold a special place in my heart for this family, as we’ve been a part of each others lives since Amanda and I were young ones in high school.  It was through this family (Amanda, not Matt) where I met my great friend and Matron of Honor Jenna.  It is through this family that I always have a home away from home in Leavenworth, Kansas.  They are truly a phenomenal bunch.

Following the Charland family session and Joselyn’s baptism, we gathered in the Fellowship Hall of the Weilbacher’s church.  The lighting was gorgeous, the stained glass was beautiful, and the whole gang was there ready to act a fool in front of the camera.

View all images of the Weilbacher family here.

The head lady (and Momma) of the family, LeaAnn, requested that most of the photos taken be of her beautiful babies.  I can’t begin to express the amount of love that streams from this woman’s heart…she is truly sensational.

The sweet face of Ms. Joselyn, again.  She was such a joy to photograph!

The siblings…really…I just stood there and took pictures.  I couldn’t have posed these shots even if I wanted to!

Beautiful family love!

Hands down, without a doubt, the most fantastic picture of the session.  It’s soooooo them.

Okay…the couples look great.  But Amanda?  Meow Momma!!  🙂

I love you guys; you know this.  Thank you for loving me back.  🙂

love (my leavenworth family),


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