the lutz family

I met Amanda through my full-time job and we reconnected at Paige and Fred’s wedding extravaganza. Not having been to Lawrence anytime recently, I was excited to venture around South Park on Mass St. looking for some great spaces to capture their funtastic session. I can tell you this good-looking (with a lot of emphasis on the “good” part) family did not disappoint. Were they made for the camera?? I think so. And their son, Jubal, He was just about the raddest kid I’ve ever met at his age.

Amanda and Jeremiah thank you for letting me be the person who snapped your photos. Thank you for making me laugh as much as I made you stare longingly at the camera. And Jubal, sweet Jubal, thank you SO MUCH for teaching me some amazing new jumps such as the “wasp jump” and the “bee jump”…which you were right about by the way. Turns out, when I practiced these at home…the “bee jump” really was the hardest to do!! Thanks for showing me your professional technique; you’re a great teacher!!

Jubal is one kool kid…with a K because he’s THAT awesome!

Have I mentioned how much I adore sun flare?!

This photo was completely unstaged, yet I think it exhibited a true witness to not only Amanda and Jeremiah’s sweet relationship, but also to Jubal’s adventurous spirit.

Clearly he wasn’t a fan…

…of Mommy and Daddy kissing.  🙂

Totally fierce.

And seriously gorgeous!!

The flowers Jubal picked for Momma while he was waiting…this is my favorite from the session fo sho.

Jubal is also fierce.

Now watch as Jeremiah and Jubal’s expressions remain the same…related much?!

Ha!  Didn’t you love it?!

Clearly the fierce gene runs in this family…handsome Jeremiah w-o-r-k-i-n’ it!!

Happy family awesomeness.

Jubal and his high-jumping amazingness.

Slideshow here.

love (cheesin’ smiles from little cutie’s)



6 responses

  1. Amanda

    These are great, Jeni! Thanks so much. 🙂

    11 September 2009 at 4:01 pm

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