kami ♥ j.r.

Kami was in a pickle.  Her original photographer didn’t pan out as intended, and she was stuck less than a month before the wedding frantically searching for someone to document their day.  It must have been frustrating, and definitely part of the wedding planning process I hope never to experience!

It’s a rare occasion when you are able to take pictures of  a wedding and, while doing so, kick your shoes off and relax.  Yet that is exactly how this wedding was.  Surrounded by the closest of friends and family, Kami hid upstairs in her mothers bedroom, primping and prodding herself to perfection.  Just two floors below, J.R. was laughing amongst his closest of friends, dressing in a pristine ivory tux.  Kami was solemn and docile.  J.R. a jittery body of smiles.  Both completely ready for what lay ahead.

Kami and J.R., congratulations on entering into such an incredible life adventure with each other!  The moments I shared with you on your special day were brilliant, heartfelt and genuine…everything a wedding should be.  I hope your move down to Texas was a safe one, and I wish you two nothing but millions more memories filled with loads of love!!

The handsome groom readying himself.

A quiet moment for the bride…

This was not planned that both would end up doing this.  🙂

By a raise of hands, how many of us would like to see this response as we’re walking down the aisle?!  You’re a good man, J.R.!

I just love this picture…very familial and very celebratory…

Dancing in the moonlight.

Happy 4th of July!!

And now…the wedding details that I find to always be so ingenious.  Each wedding is different and very unique to the couple, which I love!

This is the necklace Kami wears in remembrance of her father…so tender and sweet.


love (backyard weddings filled to the brim with love),


6 responses

  1. I LOVE the detail shots! Very cool how they incorporated the 4th of July stuff…even cooler how you captured it! 🙂

    26 August 2009 at 3:42 pm

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