paige ♥ fred

I entered just as her Maid of Honor was putting the finishing touches on her makeup.  It was just the three of us…for about five seconds.  In leaps and bounds arrived her sisters, each of them on the verge of tears as they observed her.  Calm and graceful was Paige, despite the hustling wedding madness going on around her.  In an eagerness to be at the end of the wedding aisle, she grinned and asked, “Can you tell Fred that I said ‘I do’ and I’ll meet him back at the house?”  Unknowing of the knots in her stomach, Fred was just one church level away, nervously smiling, fixing his tuxedo cuffs and, before heading upstairs to meet the amazing woman he adores so much, asking me if everything was good.  Yeah Fred.  It’s all good. 

Fred and Paige, congratulations over and over in abundance on becoming husband and wife.  I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon and continue to live your lives together (with that fabulous pup of yours) knowing it can always be as calm, graceful and chill as your wedding day.  I want to give a shout out to my new friend Mr. Kellerman; thanks for feeding me before the wedding…you were a great lunch partner!  Oh, and Paige?  You didn’t see this, but I was totally crying behind the camera.  J  Told ya I was a sap!

A special thanks goes out to my amazing future sister-in-law, Kristen, of Kristen Murphy Photography.  Without her assistance and amazing picture-taking, this day wouldn’t have been possible for me to conquer.  I can’t wait to show you what amazing things she captured as well!!  If you’re in the McLouth/Tonganoxie/Lawrence area…get in touch with this chickie!!

The beautiful Paige getting ready.

Kristen’s shot of Fred getting ready.

Work it, lady!!

Kristen capturing the oh-so-casual Fred.  Did I mention he could pass as a JCrew model??

Fred and Paige elected to not see each other before the wedding.  So we got a little fancy with the wall as a divide.  Here’s my view.

And this is Kristen’s view.

Ladies, isn’t this the look we hope to see at the end of the aisle?!

She didn’t take her eyes off him the entire ceremony. *sigh*

Kristen’s amazing shot of the blessing of the Virgin Mary.

A little fist pump action from the newly husband.

Kristen catching some post-ceremony love.

I love perfect lighting.

My view of the toasts.

Kristen’s view.

My view of the couple’s first dance.  This is the kind of love we expect to see on such blessed days as these!!

And Kristen’s rockin’ photo…really?  Really…she’s that fabulous!!

I would’ve put a full-length shot in here…but I couldn’t pass this one up.  THIS is love…

A few reception photos to tickle your fancy:

And because no post is complete without seeing all the intricate details that went into their big day, here is a compilation of what we enjoyed seeing…and eating!

Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you say you were interested in ring shots??  🙂

Paige and Fred, thank you again for giving me a start into the photography world and sharing your special day with me.  You believed in me, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

love (the love you have for each other),


One response

  1. Kristen

    EEK! These are gorgeous Jeni! I had such a blast shooting this wedding with you. Fred and Paige – you guys rock. Your friends and family rock and I want to thank you personally for welcoming me into your little (big) family. WTG Jeni! We did it!! (In my best Elle Woods from Legally Blonde voice!)

    13 August 2009 at 11:57 am

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