An Operative Honor

I applied six months ago and waited for a response.  Nothing.  I checked my e-mail.  I checked my e-mail again.  Still nothing.  I kept taking pictures…one day they’d see me.  One day maybe they’d know I exist and one day maybe they’d think I was talented and one day maybe they’d ask me to a part of their organization.

And then one day, for real, they did.  And I am just as honored as I thought I would be.  To be a photographer and fulfilling a talent God has given me.  To be a part of this incredible organization.  To be a citizen of this great country.

Operation: Love Reunited is an incredible organization where photographers volunteer their services to capturing moments of soldiers and their families pre-deployment, during deployment and post-deployment.  Check out their website…heed my warning and carry a hankie.  If you’re a photographer…get on it.  I know you’ve been asking yourself what you can do with your talent that goes beyond receiving a paycheck.  This is it ladies and gentlemen; I assure you.  🙂


Also, if you are a soldier or family member of a soldier in the greater Kansas City area, please get in touch with me.  You deserve amazing photos…it’s the least I can do for you!!

love (all my soldiers for everything they do),


One response

  1. Kristen

    I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!

    5 August 2009 at 9:21 am

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