baby’s got a brand new look

If you’ve been looming around this blog enough (thank you thank you!) you’ve probably noticed a change or two to the site that made you go ‘huh?!’.  Mayyyybee an explanation was in order before I began my transition from friendphotog photography© to


jenifriend photography©!!!!!



 After a lot of deliberation changing my photography title just seemed the right thing to do.  friendphotog was a label I gave myself whenI wasn’t considering capturing photos as a business opportunity.  The problem came after I made the decision to do this, and people were searching my name “friend photography” because they didn’t realize the ‘photog’ was in addition to ‘friend’ and ‘photography’.  Friend Photography is an actual photographer…do you see the problems this could create??  Beautiful photos, nonetheless, but not my photos.  So, alas, I have changed it to something that everyone who knows me knows how to spell:  jenifriend.  All one word thankyouverymuch.  It’s fun, like I have a fresh new start.  A do-over.  An unnecessary do-over, but a do-over regardless.

Working on new business cards, because I’ve plumb ran out of them, and revamping all of my contracts and price guides.  This would have to be the only downfall to changing the business’ name; tedious work.  It will all be worth it in the end.


One response

  1. Kristen

    YAY! I like it all one word. That’s how everyone says your name anyway right?! Or at least it sounds that way…hehe! Love it!

    22 May 2009 at 1:11 pm

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