charity: *part i*

Meet Charity, a saucy young woman who is headed for modeling stardom!!  Having just received her Masters Degree, Chelsea is a brilliant mind with an amazing confidence about herself.  There was no telling her what needed to be done during our session; she knew exactly how she needed to pose without any direction.  With those steely blue eyes, she’s bound to capture a few lookers…like the older gentleman who walked by us while shooting and said something to the like of, “I never get many opportunities to watch such a beautiful woman.”  Oh and her friend turned Photographers Assistant for the day?  She.was.amazing.  Charity I wish you nothing but the best in your future modeling endeavors and hope our paths cross again in the future; you were truly a gem to work with!!

IMG_0714 edit sig

IMG_0750 edit sig

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IMG_1063 edit sig

For more photos from this session, head on over to the slideshow.


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