how to handle cold weather photography

With the temperatures dropping (at least in my world) rapidly, I have been concerned with how my camera will work in the vast change in temperature when I walk outside of my house into the freezing cold.  When I went on vacation this past July, the dampness from the ocean caused my lens to fog up for about 20 minutes, so the beautiful fog hovering over the oceanfront I ended up missing out on.

Peter Cary posted a great article on the Digitial Photography School website on how to acclimate your camera to colder weather.  Take a moment and read it; I’m sure it will be as beneficial to you as it is/was to me!!

“When the weather outside turns cold, there are a few precautions every digital photographer should take.

First, give your camera time to acclimate!

This one is very important and it’s a two way street. If you’re heading outside from a nice warm house, or if you’re coming back in from a shoot out in the cold, give your camera lens time to adjust to the temperature change. Going either direction will fog up your lens and viewfinder. Leave your lens cap on when going either direction and give your camera plenty of time to adjust to the temps. The amount of time depends on the the difference in temperatures from inside to outside. The larger the difference, the more time you should allow. 15 minutes is usually fine but more may be needed depending on how humid each environment is. You want a slow, gradual change so if you can, leave your camera in a camera bag as it gets used to the change. While this may take a bit longer, it does help ensure condensation won’t become a problem.”

Read the rest of this post here…


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