long exposure

Long exposure’s have the ability to filter in tremendous light when a particular mood wants to be set, or when there isn’t enough light to take a short exposure photo of one’s liking.  Long exposures can also be used to create great abstract art and manipulate an item to look like something else.  Take these photos, for example:




You certainly wouldn't know it by looking at them, but these were Halloween lights draped on the bushes outside of our house.  By putting my shutter speed to about 1 second, with no flash, and slowly moving my camera in a counter-clockwise or up and down motion, the lights turned into a work of art!!

Try this out on something and link back to me.  Let's see what everyone can come up with!  Get out and shoot the randomness of life; it's what makes you a better photographer!!


One response

  1. Meg in MO

    Hey Jeni… I haven’t check in on your blog for a while…sorry! Love the long exposure of your halloween light looks way cool… I may try that with my christmas tree and see what I can come up with…
    Meg in MO

    20 December 2008 at 11:31 pm

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