louisburg ciderfest

I headed down to the quaint little town of Louisburg, Kansas to enjoy the festivities of the annual Louisburg Ciderfest.  While the festival itself was very small (I’m talking two aisles of craft booths and the whole shebang only covering about a block of the town) it was very exciting.  There was an apple cider mill where you could watch the apples being processed into applesauce and cider.  There was also a homemade rootbeer micro-brewery inside of the local craft shop.  I tried out a freshly handmade apple cider doughnut and it was delish!  Not only did I go home with a sweet tooth fulfilled from all of the yummy apple sweetness, I also packed two gallons of homemade apple cider into the trunk. 🙂 And there’s NOTHING better than warm apple cider in the Fall…have I mentioned how much I love Fall?!

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