understanding aperture

Aperture is the depth of field that you give each picture…it is one component that helps to create a story in your photography.  It controls the volume of light that is received during the exposure of a shot.  Think of your f-stop as a pinhole, the smaller the f-stop the more light enters your exposure; the bigger the f-stop the less light enters your exposure.  My camera ranges from F1.5-F8.0, but the ranges can vary substantially…you can control this particular range by choosing “Manual” or “Aperture Priority” on your camera.  Here is what I took last night as an example:

*Notice how this picture’s focus doesn’t fall upon the flower, rather it falls along the right bottom corner of the picture to create depth of the overall picture.  I tried to work on following the line of the bench so it elongated the overall shot.  I should have probably changed up my light source to natural light, then I think the picture would have turned out less blue and more brown like the shade of the wood.*

*Notice how in this picture the focus is now on the flower, and the lower right corner is fairly out of focus.  Again I went with the lines of the bench, but as previously noted should have changed up my light source so more of the natural hues would have popped through*

Tip:  “The Poor Man’s Depth of Field” is a great way to manually set the focus on a particular item.  When in manual mode it is a wonderful tool to use.  When you have isolated the image in your viewfinder and are about to take a shot, turn your camera’s attention directly to the area you want to focus on and press halfway in on the shutter button.  Keeping your finger halfway pressed in, turn your attention back to the isolated image you want to take and finish through with pressing the shutter button.


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